Is it a good time to call? Simple Question but often skipped 

You grab a business card or pick up the phone to call some one that you don’t have an appointment with. 

You get them on the phone, but do you use your brain?

Do you use your common sense and showcase professionalism and respect?

Do you ask if it is a good time to call?

Those simple words, over just getting in to your topic, your questions, your needs showcases a level of professionalism that while obvious, is often case overlooked. 

Be the professional. Be the one aware of others and Be the one with the understanding that other people are busy and you will showcase yourself that much better personally and professionally. 

Artists Bridge Post by +Loren Weisman  

Can you handle the truth? Can you give it?

Giving a straightforward answer to a straightforward question will move you that much more forward in this world, that much faster. 

It will also help you stand out in a world of people that can’t seem to do it, counter a question with a question or try to hide from giving direct answers. 

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It is all apples and oranges sometimes with communication.

Your ability to communicate and communicate change trumps perfection.

How bout dem apples?  

No one is perfect. Things happen, things change, things come up. 

Still, if you are suppose to deliver, perform, show up or complete something and you can’t. It is your responsibility and your reputation on the line, if you don’t make some one aware of the change. 

A,B,C,D, oh boy…

Only Getting the A and Z with out the B through Y, leaves you SOL.

You can listen to those that present the info on where you are and then explain in the most simple terms where you want to be or what needs to happen in a vague and loose way, but…

If you are not getting the details, the reasons, the proof, the concepts and the plans, then you are only standing at a starting gate with descriptions of the finish line and what its like to finish.

Make sure the people you listen to, pay, consult with or hire are giving you the information, the plan, the reasons, the details, the proof and the how to so you can run the race from start to finish and get where you want to go.

Cause sometimes size does matter hahahaha. #TBT

I called this the Trifecta Kit or the Threesome. 

3 snares, 3 Rack Toms, 3 Rides, 3 Hi-hats, 3 Crashes, 3 Splashes, 3 Cowbells and one booming bass drum. 

Fun to screw around on, downright foolish to carry around. 

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a couple shots from the LA Times Festival of books. Yulia Hauer took a number of great shots yesterday at the event. 

The LA Times Festival of Books goes one more day from 10am to 5pm at the USC Campus in LA. Authors, Publishers, Actors, Artists, Comedians, Speakers, Musicians and great food. Stop down if you are in the neighborhood. 

Thank Yulia. 

LA Times Festival of Books. Its warm, its fun, its literate.