a couple shots from the LA Times Festival of books. Yulia Hauer took a number of great shots yesterday at the event. 

The LA Times Festival of Books goes one more day from 10am to 5pm at the USC Campus in LA. Authors, Publishers, Actors, Artists, Comedians, Speakers, Musicians and great food. Stop down if you are in the neighborhood. 

Thank Yulia. 

LA Times Festival of Books. Its warm, its fun, its literate. 

Played 2 times

What do you want from social media and social media posting?

You hear all the stories about how to post this or how to share that as well as working for likes, follows, comments and yada yada yada elephant diaper. 

#throwbackthursday shot. 

Caught red handed by mom with red eyes. 

Leaving a kid in the same room with cake, well that was mistake number one.

#TBT #redeye #busted

Trim back on the common mistakes made in the music business. 
Cut back on the problems that show up in the music industry….
or just snip away at the grays!

Philippe Polo gave me an amazing haircut at Twist by Oliver in Beverly Hills. 

This cat is all about style and has an amazing eye for detail. There is a pride to his work that is unmatched.
From celebrities to the average joe or jane walking in off the street, Philippe, who is the director and stylist of Twist Salon delivers the same attention to detail, design and effort. 

A good thing to compare to music and how you perform live if you think about it….

From the biggest stages to the tiniest rooms, always show people everything you are about and give it your all, regardless of the audience size or members. It will make you stand out above the rest. 

For More info on Philippe and ”Twist by Oliver Ifergan”, visit: